Do you dream of building a log home?

But, you simply don't know where to begin?

Or maybe, you are overwhelmed from all the conflicting brochures, aggressive sales pitches, and seemingly infinite options?

Building a log cabin is a major time and financial commitment. You want to get it right... the first time.

Hi, I'm Noah Bradley...
(considered by many to be the leading authority on traditional log cabins)
and I would like to help you. 

Please, if you would, scroll down a bit and allow me to share in a free video how I believe I can do just that!

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The Log Cabin Academy

Step-by-Step ... From The Forest Floor ... To Your Finished Home

"Building a Log Cabin should be the fulfillment of a dream ...
not the beginning of a nightmare".

Compare the Log Cabin Academy to any of the other options that are currently available:

  • You can of course... strike out on your own... having never built a log home before... But learning "the hard way" can quickly get expensive when undertaking a project as large and complex as a log house... and the results of such attempts are often dissapointing, and full of regrets.
  • Or... you could take a class from a "log home kit supplier"... These lectures are often merely a continuation of the sales process for a salesman's particular product (which explains why these classes are often free, or refundable upon the purchase of the kit home).
  • Or... you could attend a "hands-on pole building school" for a week or two... Here you will spend thousands of dollars, and use up your precious vacation time, as you undertake strenuous unfamiliar labor, while experiencing travel fatigue, working alongside people you might (or might not) like to be with, where you will help build one small phase of a stranger's log home... all the while hoping you don't get seriously injured in the process. Yikes!
  • And then there is the option where you can sign up for a weekend-long, hotel-lobby course... Where you will fly across the country to a large city, spend a thousand dollars or more on tuition (which is doubled if your mate comes along with you), plus airfare and accommodations... and don't forget!.. there is no recording allowed there... so you had better take good notes!... and say a prayer that you remember everything when the time comes for you to build your log home!
  • There just HAS to be a better way!
  • And fortunately there is!...
  • The Log Cabin Academy!
  • Yours to easily access... online... for LIFE!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed... or you will receive a full refund... no questions asked.

Regardless of your skill set, your level of experience, or what role you want to to play in the creation of your future log home... The Log Cabin Academy is for you!


Are you a hands-on individual who want to build their own cabin? Great! There is a huge amount of satifaction and pride that comes from building one's own home (not to mention tremendous cost savings). In this series Noah Bradley, and you, will build a tiny log cabin, step-by-step. By the time we are finished you will have the confidence to move forward and build your full-size dream cabin!

A two-story cabin with dormers?

Maybe you're the type who wants to know more about cabins?... so that you can better work with a builder to achieve your dream log home? If so, this course is perfect for you! As an informed homeowner you can better partner with your builder to achieve your dream home (rather than the dream home that your builder has always wanted to have). With this course you might gain the confidence to be an owner-builder!

A cabin with a stone addition?

Where else can you receive more than twelve hours of insights and instructions from an internationally recognized expert who has been building handcrafted log homes for decades... homes that have been featured in countless noted publications?

Traditional Hewn Method

For less than it will cost you to attend any of the "log building schools"... both you (and your partner) will gain Lifetime Access to the Log Cabin Academy AND be able to buy all of the logs you will need to build a tiny log cabin for yourself! (we acquired the logs used to build the small cabin in this course for $240)

From Primitive to Elegant

The focus of this course will be in building a log cabin in the traditional manner (sometimes referred to as the "hewn method"). This time-tested method has proven itself to be durable enough to last for centuries, and simple enough that anyone can do it. For over 300 years this was the most common method of building a home in the United States (until the introduction of fast-and-cheap modern framing). We will also discuss other log  construction methods as we go step-by-step through the construction of our cabin.

Half Dovetail Notching

The Log Cabin Academy will slowly walk you through the process of discovery. We will start with the basics in gaining a true respect and understanding of logs and the characteristics of wood. We will learn why log cabins appeal to us, and how best not to lose our focus of these key elements as we build our home. In the end we will be much more prepared to move forward on our cabin... whether we venture into the woods for our logs, or salvage them from an abandoned structure, or if we choose to shop for a kit home, or a wholesale/retail  log supplier.

V- Notching

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Bonus Videos!


The All-New.... Lake House Series!
(follow along with all the details on Noah Bradley's current home build)


(The Timber Framing Academy will be released in Spring 2020!)



The Log Cabin Academy...

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Would you like to learn a bit more about Traditional Log Construction?

Then, check out the quick video below!... in it you will experience a few minutes of what you will discover in the twelve-hour Log Cabin Academy course!

The Log Cabin Academy is priced at less than half of what you would pay at any of the "log pole" schools...
while offering so much more!

Only $497... for Lifetime Access!

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I want to help you achieve the log home of your dreams!

"It is much easier to build a Log Cabin
than it is to live with the regret
of never having tried."

Long ago I lost track of the number of log cabins that I have designed, built, and/or restored... it's well over a hundred, mostly likely two or three hundred, I am sure.

During my career I have also had the privilege of studying thousands more of these vintage structures. They each have had their own special story to tell. And I have always been, an eager listener.

I would like to pass on to you what I have learned from these treasured homes, with the goal of helping you achieve a warm and comfortable log home.

The Log Cabin Academy is the result of decades of concentrated effort to build the best log homes possible, and from many months of focused effort in how best to pass this knowledge on to you, all at a low price which which I feel pales in comparison to the value you will receive from this course.

I have ventured into the woods on several occasions and built a home from what was found there. I have also built many log homes by using materials garnered from salvaged materials.

I have even assembled a log home kit-package (which was awarded "Log Home of the Year" by the leading magazine in the industry... go figure). Once was enough for me on that path... if you seek to build your home by using a log kit package, this course will go far in helping you discover the best options.

As a career builder I have incorporated the best that historic, modern, and alternative construction methods have to offer into each of my homes. In this course I have shared in great detail how I have built log homes.

I hope that you will consider joining me within the Log Cabin Academy and also consider the merits of upgrading to the all-inclusive membership that is the... Handmade House Guild.